University of Wroclaw
He came to Wroclaw in February 2016. 
A meeting after years...
I was quite nervous… 
How will be this...
People change with age...
What if we don't find any common topic... 
And what if.... 
God! I had so much doubt...!
But after 10 minutes of talk I was sure he’s the same Behic who I’ve met 10 years ago.
Thanks God! 
Just his hair were a little bit grey. 
Well, mine too.
Zoo Wroclaw the oldest and most famous in Poland
View on Slodowa Island
What do you know about Wroclaw?
Just a little or nothing I guess… so a few information at the beginning.  
Wroclaw is the capital of Lower Silesia, one of the oldest, biggest and most beautiful cities in Poland. 
Location on the Oder River and its numerous tributaries and canals, makes it an unique city of 12 islands and more than 100 bridges. 
The rich and turbulent history of the city is contained in its walls, monuments, legends...
St. John Cathedral on Ostrow Tumski
We spend a few days walking around the city.
My daughter and I showed him our favorite places: Zoo, the Old Town and Ostrów Tumski – the historical heart of the city. 
And of course Tumski Bridge called The Bridge of Lovers. 
The bridge connect Ostrów Tumski (in the past it was an island) with the rest of the city. 
Why they call it bridge of lovers and put padlocks on?
The explanation goes back to medieval times. 
The legend says of a lonely, single girl. One day, after a prayer in the Ostrów Tumski Cathedral, the girl touched the lion statue standing at the entrance and said sadly: Oh lion, do you know how hard is to be lonely.... 
Then, walking across the Tumski Bridge, she met the love of her life! 
Since then, the lovers put padlocks on the bridge and thrown the keys into the Oder River. 
Yes, it's a lion.. doesn't look like..?  Imagine how many people had touched him... poor guy, lost all his hair..:-)
I told him the story and he touched the lion. 
Then we went further to the city through the Tumski Bridge...
Put or don't put... that's the question
On this day Behic didn't meet the love of his life, the next day neither and nor in Wroclaw. 
It happened later, I don't know where and how. 
But 6 months ago he was already engaged to Meral and in couple days will be their wedding!

Do you think the same as I think ? 
Is it the Cathedral lion job…? 
I believe it is! 
Good job Mr. Lion!

And the next step what Behic and Meral should do is put a padlock on Tumski Bridge!
Wishing you both – long life, much love, few tears, good luck and sweet times through all your years! Congratulations.

Remember everyone - the bridges connect lands and peoples.
Best regards!